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INSTRUCTIONS: To live the 360° experience to the fullest, please direct your point of view by using the grey joystick at the top left corner of the screen. By clicking on it right or left, you will be able to see every dancer in the performance.


"Tavata" is the word "to meet" in finnish.

The multidisciplinary film Tavata was thus conceived with the idea of putting the spotlight on the artists of Québec’s nordicity. Tavata brings together artists who are all residents of Québec and who embody a part of the great and beautiful diversity of the province. The desire with this choice: to present a plural ‘nordic’ nation, with multiple and diverse faces, interpretations, expressions and origins. Hearing each other without understanding each other.

The rules of the game 

You need only pay attention to what you feel while watching this 360-degree dance film.



10 min.


Number of players

7 : You and the 6 artists. You will hear the voice of Marika Karlsson, the music of Simon Leoza and you will watch the dance performances of Victoria May, Crazy Smooth, Valeria Galluccio and Charles Brécard.


Tavata: How to play with us

By agreeing to watch Tavata, the participant is immersed in the same creative conditions as the artists. The artists were asked to translate into dance or music a story that they did not understand, as it was recited by Marika Karlsson in Finnish, her mother tongue. It was only after the filming was finished that they discovered its meaning.

The aim of the game

Is it possible to get along without understanding each other, through a means of communication that goes beyond the rational?

You decide!
At the end of the viewing, answer the question belowu to discover the hidden message behind the words you have heard. 


Artistic director
Christel Ayoko Durand Farah

Based on an original idea by
Christel Ayoko Durand Farah et de Louis-Elyan Martin

Marika Karlsson

Choreographers and performers
Charles Brécard, Valeria Galluccio, Crazy Smooth

Catherine Dagenais-Savard

Performer and creative collaborator for Catherine

Victoria May

Texts / Collages
Christel Ayoko Durand Farah et Marika Karlsson

Outside eye for Christel Ayoko Durand Farah
Louis-Elyan Martin

Outside eye for Valeria Galluccio
Carol Prieur

Outside eye for Crazy Smooth
Saxon Fraser

Outside eye for Catherine Dagenais-Savard
Sébastien Cossette-Masse

Camera, sound and editing
Aura productions

Production manager
Christel Ayoko Durand Farah

Production coordinator
Éric LeBlanc (Agence Mickaël Spinnhirny)


Lights and technical manager
François Marceau

Yann Evima Vouma

Make-up artist

Accessories for Victoria May
Catherine Dagenais-Savard

Sylvie-Ann Paré

Musique Tavata composée et interprétée par
Simon Leoza

Éditeur musical
Kay Productions Musique Inc.

PRODUCTION // Diffusion culturelle FIKA(S) with the invaluable support of the Canada Concil for the Arts and the Centre de Création O Vertigo - CCOV